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Miss the chance ?

26 Feb
when i stayed in Japan, lots of things made me feel happy and sad.
Especially,  My mind was  really strange and bad.
I was really weak.
even , I expressed my feeling to someone .. It is really bad ..
and I have to think more easily and exactly.
Anyway, Later, i felt that my mental diease recurred.
But, it is not important . 
I already missed the chance to love and to earn some money..and so on..
Because of me..
i think i failed .. lots of things ..
But, i’m not disappointed , i am trying to find my problem and do my best again.
It is important to me.
Everyone can experience bad things and fail. but The Most important thing is how to spend this time and how to realize ..
JinWoo. You can try again .. and You can do everything ..
Cheer up!


25 Feb
2 years later…
i am going to study in Venezuela.
now. i’m really hard to ready for my study.
because i have to go  to Army for 2 years until going to there ..
i can’t do lots of things for myself in Army.
So now .. i’m ready for my study like a insane person ..
I’m getting crazy .. Whatever I do , there is only Spanish in my head .><
and i made friends in Venezuela .
everyday, i talk with them and exchange our culture .
really fun~<3

Turning point.

24 Feb
i thought about me.
i looked back on myself .
in fact, i don’t find my words right now .
Just i need to get my goal and run .. and do my best . i think it is best way for me right now .

My date..

22 Feb
In Japan
Now.. i always think about my date.
In fact, i decided my date before..
Because …i felt alot in here .
How to live alone on abroad .
How to earn some money.
 And i think i had a rest enough in japan .
I realized that i need to improve myself more..
in conculusion,  i don’t need to stay in here anymore.
but these day .
i think about other side .

If i leave on March 3rd .. can’t i regret this moment ? ..

If i stay more , Does it make me feel strong ? ..
In fact , i always miss my friends and  my family in Korea. but, now , i’m enjoying my life in japan .. if i go to Korea On march 3rd .. i will regret …
It is really hard to decide by myself .
but, i know that there is no one to give me answer …
 These day , i’m trying to do my best ,study, work and  lots of things..
everything is getting fine .
But .. i need to think more ..
I think it is really important to me and in my life .
Think more .. Think more ..

First , Neat Scenery ..

18 Feb
 Hello .
This is my first Blog.
I had a mini-homepage.
but , i want to have a private blog .
so i made it .
I will write my life story in here ~