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For 7 days .. After that ..

27 Mar
I’m going to my aunt`s house for 7 days. They need my help..
I will work at my aunt`s farm.. I’m really excited ūüôā
I like a peaceful place ..Because I can think about myself deeply..
and it is really special experience to me ..(In my town ,¬†I can’t experience..)
 after that ..
I am going to Seoul ..  >< .. I have to go to the ARMY !!
On April 6 th .. !!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I’m really excited , too ..
 Now.. I am really missing my wife ..     my darling ~~!!!
¬†and lots of my friends !! >< … I’m crazy … xD


22 Mar
I usually read a book.
When I am using compuer .. (on skype )
When I am listening to music ..  and so on .
especially , “Between calm and passion”
i love this book..
and I will love this book forever .

Stupid Jin..

20 Mar


My¬†heart¬†has broken …
I tried to forget you ..
I am trying to forget you ..
I will try to forget you ..
How can I forget you …
Just I can stand …
Jinwoo is really stupid ..
But I believe myself … and¬† ….. , too


19 Mar
I met with her who I usually lean aganist her shoulder 
She ¬†said¬† ” You are changed.. I can’t find your happyness..”
I said¬† ” No.. I’m really happy . You can see my smile . look at me .:) “
She¬†said¬† ” Don’t hide yourself .. I can feel .. Because I know about you ..”
I¬† said “Just I need a short time . don’t worry . i will be fine .. “
She ¬†said ” I know what you felt in Japan and Why you can’t express yourself to someone .. but don’t put your words in your mind .. and I believe you can be fine and solve this problem “
I¬† said ” Yes ..”

I’m back!

16 Mar
I’m Back to Korea!
lots of things have changed for 3month.
especially, my friends ..
they seem to be more mature and smart .( lol )
I called my friends ‚̧¬† maybe 3 hours? !! amazing ..
and I met with one of my close friend and hanged out ~
We had a wonderful dinner ..and talk about our future and life ..
I felt that We have a different thinking about life and love .
She has  a totally korean thinking..
Oops.. anyway , we argued a little and discussed . (but really fun and excited)
after¬†that¬†, we smiled ūüėÄ
because we know each other .. what we want to say to each other ..
and we held hands and walked ..
and promised ..
we will meet again in 2 years.

From friend ..

14 Mar
My friend said to me..
“learn from mistakes, take it slow.”
I know what is meaning to me .. Why she said to me like that ..
I will keep in mind .. and I will not be afraid any more ..


11 Mar
Today I went shopping alone.
I like it !
Because ,When I am alone , I can look around in the street for a long time.
First, I took out a cup of coffee and went to book store .
Because , I really wanna read a book .. but I read all books what I took  from Korea >< ..
This time , I bought a essay!
Book name is “Eat,Pray,Love”¬† by¬† Elizabeth Gilbert.
I can’t explain in English ..¬†(sorry,¬†My english ability is really bad ..:[ )
¬†and I bought a cup for my friend ‚̧
I heard that She wanna have a cup ^_^
and I bought lots of things  for friends ..
In fact, today shopping was not for me exactly ..  for my friends..
Oops.. but i’m really happy .