Archive | August, 2012

With a lovely dog.

26 Aug


Her name is Spunky

When I see her eyes , she always seems to be sad ..

she looks like she is missing someone..


Snoopy heart ..

24 Aug

I’m smiling with you ..

I could not help it..

17 Aug



Holy shit.

I hate myself.. How could I do for myself ?

I should set up plans again and focus on my goals.. Do not be distracted ..

On vacation.

13 Aug

While I was reading a book, I thought that my life was boring.

Nothing special..

I always worked out, studied about something, read books,

listened to music, socialized with others.

I needed to do something new.

Oh…Trip! S.F!and L.A !!

was it planned ?  Definitely, No !

I just felt up to do it ..  I suddenly wanna go to S.F and L.A.

I stared to make plans 😉

Valuable and worthwhile..

3 Aug


Today, I did volunteering for homeless people in shelter.

While I was helping others, I questioned to myself “Why am I doing volunteering?”

I said to myself “When I give hands to others, I feel fulfilled and happy.”

Myself asked to me again ” Are you happy now ?”

I replied ” I thought that I was a meaningless being before. However, I am really happy to know that I can help others..”