My date..

22 Feb
In Japan
Now.. i always think about my date.
In fact, i decided my date before..
Because …i felt alot in here .
How to live alone on abroad .
How to earn some money.
 And i think i had a rest enough in japan .
I realized that i need to improve myself more..
in conculusion,  i don’t need to stay in here anymore.
but these day .
i think about other side .

If i leave on March 3rd .. can’t i regret this moment ? ..

If i stay more , Does it make me feel strong ? ..
In fact , i always miss my friends and  my family in Korea. but, now , i’m enjoying my life in japan .. if i go to Korea On march 3rd .. i will regret …
It is really hard to decide by myself .
but, i know that there is no one to give me answer …
 These day , i’m trying to do my best ,study, work and  lots of things..
everything is getting fine .
But .. i need to think more ..
I think it is really important to me and in my life .
Think more .. Think more ..

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