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My inner tube flatted..

14 Jul
Today I went to Concord to refund D-rink.On my way, I was riding a bike. When I was riding on tough ground, my bike’s inner tube flatted .. Eventually, I took my bike away from Concord to Fry’s electronics. What the heck.. After I refunded D-rink, I started to find repair shops near Concord. First, I used Google maps. When I followed Google maps, I realize that it was wrong address.. I felt angry with Google and  looked around in the street. On my eyes, there was only one person who was working in Garage. I asked him “Excuse me,where is the bike repair center ?”.. He said to me “Too far away from here.. about 3~4 mile away from here.” … I could not find my words.. Suddenly, he said to me “Don’t worry.. I can help you . I worked for 15 years in repair shops.” Yes!! He is right ! He separated my tire from body and replace another inner tube. He is a professional mechanic! In addiction, he taught me how to repair flatted tire.I wanted to memorize this episode and I took a photo with him. Thank you so much.