How to find peace of your mind in modern world

14 Sep


In my opinion this is the biggest problem we face as “modern” people. We might have flashy gadgets and shiny cool things, but in the end when it comes down to peace of mind we have nothing.

I know for me at least whenever I used to come home for the day; I used to always be 90% tense and 10% anxious for reasons I couldn’t understand. I had a house, family, friends and blessings I could never count. I just didn’t understand.

I was stuck in a never ending loop of distress and lack of peace.

So then how did I overcome that?

Well a couple years ago, I learnt a secret.

I was reading through some books when I read the most amazing quote:

Freedom from desire leads to inner peace.
– Lao Tse

This completely changed my beliefs and got me thinking.

Why there is so little peace in the “modern” world is because of too many worldly desires. So in essence the flashy gadgets and shiny cool things I thought were my positives were actually bringing me down.

This brought a revolution in my life.

I stopped worrying about always dressing good, I stopped caring too much about technology, I stopped worrying about having the best of everything.

I started detaching myself from as much as things as possible and my peace of mind right away started going up.

The main thing was that I started to slow my life down. I found through experience that the world was moving way too fast and that it was taking away my peace. There was always better technology; fashion kept on changing and the best things never lasted.

So the only way I could get my peace back was by slowing down and living at my pace.

You can have peace of mind too; you just have to put your mind to it.




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