28 Jun
It has been awhile ..
I don’t have enough time to look back on my life..
Cuz, I’m confused and just wandering around myself .. Lots of people say that JinWoo is really strong and He is alwayas trying to do something NEW .. so incredible guy..
But, inner-mind . I’m so weak to stand my life and worried .. afraid .. sometimes , I’m not sure that my life is going .. doing well ..
To forget THIS .. Just i’m trying to do my best and running to my goals and enjoying my life ..
I believe .. I’m sure .. whatever i do , It depends on me ..
if i think it is funny interesting works , it is really easy and doing well.
if i think it is hard and boring works, it is really hard and i can’t find my solution ..
That’s reason why JinWoo is always smiling and active ..

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