I usually say about My friends ..

2 Apr

I went to Karaoke with friends .
My friends are really amazing .
They always make me feel happy 🙂
and sometimes when I am blue , they encourage to me ^^
I really do love my friends ❤
How can i live without my friends ??
Friends are my life .. 🙂
I can’t meet with my korean friends for a long time ..
After back from ARMY .. I’m going to study on abroad for 5 years .. or 7 years .. or forever …
I can’t come back to Korea easily ..
When I said about this story .. lots of people couldn’t understand ..
They said to me  ” Hey.. You can come back to korea . when you want ..”
Of course , I can ..
But I don’t wanna go back to Korea Until I become a nice person …

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