11 Mar
Today I went shopping alone.
I like it !
Because ,When I am alone , I can look around in the street for a long time.
First, I took out a cup of coffee and went to book store .
Because , I really wanna read a book .. but I read all books what I took  from Korea >< ..
This time , I bought a essay!
Book name is “Eat,Pray,Love”  by  Elizabeth Gilbert.
I can’t explain in English .. (sorry, My english ability is really bad ..:[ )
 and I bought a cup for my friend ❤
I heard that She wanna have a cup ^_^
and I bought lots of things  for friends ..
In fact, today shopping was not for me exactly ..  for my friends..
Oops.. but i’m really happy .

One Response to “ShopPing!”

  1. Ellah March 12, 2010 at 01:51 #

    Hi Jinwoo,

    I read your blogs and i liked it. I already accept your invitation to add you in my skype contact list. Nice meeting y ou hope to hear from you soon.

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