Amigo ~!

4 Mar
I can’t forget my friends in Japan.
Because They know about me exactly .
Why Jinwoo is living in Japan .
Why Jinwoo can’t use much money .
Why Jinwoo feels really sick and hard .
Why Jinwoo says to them strangely .
Why Jinwoo need them ..
In fact, first time , they didn’t understand what i’m saying exactly  so  they thought Jinwoo is crazy ..
But , later .. we talked alot . we hanged out . 
and they asked me about my thinking and identity..and so on .
So.. gradually .. they could understand me..
and we were getting close.
and we could understand each other , too
after that , we were more close than before .
So.. When i needed them .. they always helped me ^_~
and I tried to help them , too
anyway, I really wanna contact with them ~ 2 years later, again!!

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