2 Mar
Yesterday, i hanged out with friends .
We played basketball and had a dinner.
In fact, i didn’t forget my friend perfectly..
I can’t .. Just i’m trying ..
I know it is really not good way ..But, i think i need to forget someone who i really liked her.
and My friends knew about me .. and we drank..
They wanted me to drink alot and forget my sadness..
and they wanted to make me feel happy ..
In fact, when i hang out with friends , they always try to make me feel happy.
i know , so i seem to act lke. .I’m happy ..
anyway, I drank alot alot alot ..
and threw up .. and became a super talker ..and I drank alot again ..
I was super crazy..
Sometimes , I want to forget myself and hang out with friends as a insane person ..

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